Miguel Ilagan of Ilagan Photo & Video



I'm Miguel, Director of Ilagan Photo and Video, Ltd. and I've been doing photography and videography professionally for over 15 years now.

How it started

My passion for photography started when I was around 12 years old when we had a Nikon film camera for our family. I explored what it can do and tried taking photos of various subjects. However, during those days, you cannot preview the photo before you press the shutter. So, this took a lot of films (and a lot of expense!). But it enabled me to learn. It was my first experience with a camera and I was amazed to see what a lens could do.


Then, my uncle introduced me to digital photography. He showed me the technicalities. He lent me books about photography. He taught me what makes a good photo. But most of all, he encouraged me. This sparked my interest. I was also envious of his camera back then. It's a Nikon D70 and I am really amazed by what it could do. I wanted one for myself.

Years later, I picked up my first DSLR Camera which was a Canon 300D.

Then, I got my Bachelor's Degree in IT and Systems, majoring in Multimedia in Melbourne, Australia. This is also where I obtained lots of my video shooting, multi-camera video production, and directing skills when I worked for a community TV show called Pinoy TV. 

What do I enjoy about photography?


Photography-wise, I like to shoot anything that is moving and live. This would definitely come down to concerts, performances, and sports events. I love to capture them simply because they are happening right then and there. These moments will only happen once. There is no take "two". Either you get that one shot or you don't. It takes skill and experience to have the perfect shot in events like these. And I like to take this challenge.

I enjoy the thrill of capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments and encapsulating that in history, so to speak. So that they would never be lost. It is an honor to capture moments like this and preserve the emotion behind that photo.


Photography, more especially now that we are in a digital age, enables us to literally share lots of what we capture. It is magical as we can never have two photos the same. Each image is unique, and I think that is just beautiful.

What about videography?

The main advantage that videography has over photos is that you can capture motion AND sound. Sound adds the "ambiance" to a scene. From my experience, good (or even bad) sound can literally make or break a scene.